Friday, 20 November 2009

Traditional craft in Brunei whats next

just a quick response to the above issue. traditional craft in brunei is just like any other crafts in this region. It comprises of brass and silver metal vessel. Textiles in gold thread are called by different names. Ornamentation such as floral /calligraphic designs on papers and tourist art are badly in need of urgent revitalisation for new designs and forms, in order to be relevant to present market. Our reference has its simple looks to be compared to the recent japanese tradisional ceramics (the so call traditional) exhibition . Thousands of years ago, though the Japanese are second to the Chinese, they don't sit on their laurel in their ceramic craft. (Since the chinese introduced the trade to Japanese in the 16th century. Jomon ware belong to Japan). Recent exhibitions at Kota Batu make us wonder that there are more to ceramic than just simple pottery.Please come and have a lok what I mean by that. The same thing goes to the traditional Brunei Craft where new creative forms and shapes attract the attention and stimulate the eyes and mind which influence people to acquire the product. Think about it

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