Wednesday, 20 January 2010

my rendezvous with art

this is new idea of brunei art. created by pg kamarul. Trained in uk. the good this abt this painting the subject matter, the technique and most of all the idea behind the issue of wanting to be different and freedom of artist to create happening.
This is the project done silpakhorn art school in Bangkok. Very intresting assignment focus more on the volumetric, forn and configuration. Further more quite intresting the medium used by the dtudent, it could be left our sawn plank or debris collected around the campus.

My son Fidauz Ridzuan (currently study at LIm Kok Wing Uni.) seen here taking part in Grafitti art project organised by Alliance Francise in 2007. This style made popular as art dicipline by Keith Harring become popular as urban art style all over the world compare to rap music in the music industry.

This is me with my painting. Both have been sold, On the right of me is the painting entitled Tsunami olympic, depicts about the natural disaster happen prior to China Olympic coined as the biggest olympic in history, but sad to say until today the welfare of the people involved in the disaster remain unchanged. This painting also appeared in the RBA inflight mag. Muhibbah march issue 2009.

This is my former student and renowned watercolour artist Ismail Kadir. Recently he was the guest arist fetured in the American Watercolor Magzine. A good achievement for a malay artist get noticed by american establishment in art scene. Congratulation Mr Ismail u have shown us how determination and ambition finally get recognised by the world, yr plight will be followed by many people

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